Tulia in Paradise

Adjusting to life on Fakarava was easy.  This hat was a gift from Maui, a woman from the village of Rotoava



My crew from Mexico to French Polynesia and westward is Tulia Gonzalez who can be described as either an academic or a wanderer but is best understood in her own words on her blog (click here)

This slideshow of images begins in Banderas Bay where Tulia and I left Mexico and didn’t set foot on soil again for 28-days when we reached the island of Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas.  All along the way she’s busied herself learning to play guitar and charming just about everyone we met with her easy going personality.

Aside from being a solid crewmate who’s calm and cool even in tough situations, she’s been a treasure for a photojournalist like myself to focus on rather than produce mere random images.